19.04.2014 / 04:00, 3 day(s)
Price - 150 USD

Unique and a newly developed 3-day tour to Western Armenia.

Argina monastery, Khtskonk monastery, Tekor, Mreni, Tignis fortress, Maghasberd, Red monastery.
All these churches and fortresses so far unknown for us are located in Western Armenia. So from 19th to the 21st of April during non-working days we have a unique and an exclusive opportunity to see and explore so far undiscovered many cultural monuments.

So during the tour we will visit:

• Medieval Armenian Ani capital where besides many famous architectural structures (Katoghike Cathedral, St. Savior (Prkich), St. Tigran Honents, St. Astvatsatsin, Gagkashen churches, Smbatyan walls) we will also be in so far less famous a number of monuments of the Acropolis, Paron's Palace, Aghjkaberd, as well as we will have the opportunity to learn about subterranean "kingdom" of Ani.

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