Tour to Sighnaghi and Tbilisi

01.11.2014 / 07:00, 2 day(s)
Price - 25000 AMD

Sighnaghi is a small corner of "Europe" in Georgia's Kakheti region. It is not that it's called the CITY OF LOVE.

It is unique in its nature, architecture, in which armenians also have their contribution. The city is also famous for the production of wine and traditional carpets.

So the first day we visit Sighnaghi, see built Sighnaghi's fortress-walls (18th century), which are the largest and longest throughout Georgia (length 4.5 km), we will visit Bodbe Convent where the first apostle of Georgia St. Nino is buried, St. Stephen and St. George churches and finally walk the narrow and interesting streets, the unique colouring of which will fascinate everybody.

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